Advisor Financing

Underwriting and financing services to manage financial practice growth.


The Advisor Financing program offers conventional loans to registered and independent financial professionals to finance mergers, acquisitions, debt restructuring and succession planning.

Underwriting and Valuation:

The experts at SkyView Partners® work closely with you during the underwriting process to perform an extensive valuation of your assets. The Bancorp will determine loan eligibility and terms.

Loan Amounts:

Minimum loan amount: $500,000.


Terms and amortization up to 10 years.

Flexible Conditions:

No liens on personal or other property required; covers partial practice sales, tranche sales and sell and remain options; and no equity injections required with acceptable loan-to-value ratios.

SkyView Partners is a registered servicemark of SkyView Partners, LLC.

Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC)

An SBLOC is a low-cost alternative to traditional loans when liquidity needs arise.

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Insurance-Backed Line of Credit (IBLOC)

The IBLOC provides funding based on the cash value of select whole life insurance policies.

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Transition Services

Transition Services help financial professionals retain client relationships and assets under management when starting an independent practice.

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